Preplanning Checklist

When a loved one dies, you are grief-stricken and it can be difficult to focus and remember details. We recommend creating a list ahead of time of everything needed to begin the funeral preparation process. We are here to help you with this important but challenging task. Please call us at 318-263-2368 if you have any questions.
Here’s a list to make sure you are prepared when the time comes:

Vital Statistics (including)

  • Name of Father, place of birth, year
  • Mother’s Maiden Name, place of birth, year
  • Education – elementary, high school, college, graduate school
Social Security Number
  • Veteran Information
  • Military Service
  • Branch Rank
  • Date of Enlistment
  • Date of Discharge
  • Name(s) of war/conflict(s) toured
  • Serial Number
  • Fraternal, Service and Union Memberships
  • Special Recognitions
Persons to Contact
  • Children, Relatives and Friends to Notify
Funeral Preferences
  • Preferred Clergy/Celebrant
  • Names of Pallbearers and Honorary Pallbearers
  • Preferred Music, Bible Verses or Poetry
  • Preferred Clothing or Jewelry
  • Burial Property Information
  • Special Instructions
Location of Important Documents and Passwords

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